The Gods

There are eight gods, each presiding over a different thing. Though each god had a race or a portion of a race they selected as their chosen people, all of the gods were present in the lives of the mortal races of Isorropia. For example, though an Osyvergas elf is one of Thalassa’s chosen people, the elf may still worship Agnoas if they are an athlete or Katakasi if they are a soldier, etc. The Gods are:

Agnoas, God of Battle
Focuses: Physical perfection, competition, glory, dancing, sex, fighting

Katakasi, God of Conquest
Focuses: Craftsmanship, strategy, camaraderie, victory

Aitheras, God of Magic
Focuses: Science, research, secrets, knowledge, elemental magic

Thalassa, God of the Water
Focuses: The sea, rivers, rain, intrigue, illusions

Allagi, God of Change
Focuses: Decay, rebirth, seasons, animals

Ora, God of Time
Focuses: Time, fate, birth and death

Lios, God of the Sun
Focuses: Life (in the sense of life-force), warmth, justice, purity, the Sun

Selini, God of the Moon
Focuses: The moon, protection, hunting


The Gods

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